LOGO The Invisible People . org We are an advocacy group committed to social justice.
Issues we address are mental illness, homelessness and abuse by the medical system and law enforcement.
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Countless people are pushed into the shadows by society and become "invisible people" because of mental illness, poverty, homelessness
They are ignored and ostracized by society and left vulnerable to abuse by the police, and medical profession, on many levels.
They are very often victimized by the very people that should be helping them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together information and resources that will be of help to those that are in crisis and to effect change in the system.

We hope this site will be of help to those that have loved ones that are in crisis, or are lost or missing. This includes the families as well,
as they also are often lost in what to do to help, or where to go for information when illness strikes or a loved one goes missing.


We will be working to ammend current laws, or have legislation enacted, to protect the mentally ill and homeless. The abuse has to stop. We have received countless emails describing abuse by authorities on people that can least protect themselves. Transported to other cities and dropped off. Threatened or beaten. Arrested falsely or jailed for no reason. Hospitalization under false names. The public needs to know these stories and laws need to be passed and enforced to protect us all.

Stopping the abuse caused by the medical "system" to patients and families will be one of our priorities.

Current laws and the way they are interpreted by medical professionals and facilities, and law enforcement as well, are a major obstacle. They close the doors, and deny access and information, to those that can be of the most help to their loved ones in their time of need.

We have a plan and we know there are a very large number of people that we can bring together to fight this battle and win it.

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Give your support to the cause and make a stand for justice

Support the family of Kelly Thomas and ktmf.org. Ron Thomas has been asked by the Law Enforcement agencies to talk with the departments (Officers) on how to talk with/handle the mentally ill and the homeless. This will undoubtedly save lives and is much needed.

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